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Porch Swing Farm Day 3/11

Hello out there! We've done it! We made it to another Friday! I'm headed out of town for a couple days starting tomorrow so we'll take a little blog break and get back with you early next week. Today, though, we got some stuff done around the place and spent some quality time with the animals.

Maybelline, bless her, will be pleased when these piglets are weaned. They are a quarrelsome bunch and mealtime is very loud while they vie for a spot. This has not been the case with our other litters. A couple of these guys decided they wanted the same nipple and it turns dinnertime into an MMA match.

Maybelline is doing great but does seem to look forward to my visits where I rub her back and we have adult talk.

In geese news, our Toulouse girl (the brown one) is sitting on her eggs. I think there are 8 of them under there. She's doing a great job of camouflaging herself and the nest. When you come near, she's very quiet (a miracle for a goose) and lays her neck down on the ground to hide even further. See if you can pick her out in the picture.

If you didn't know she was there and were just walking by, I think you might miss her. We'll see what comes of it. The three little ones we hatched in the incubator are doing great. More pics of them next week.

Egg delivery tomorrow! We have a couple more egg slots open now that we're getting more and more eggs (spring has sprung) so if you're in egg need, let us know! Best, Holly

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