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Porch Swing Farm Day 3/9

Greeting friends! Another great farm day. The ground is greening up and we're drying out after the week of snow and week of rain. Almost 90 eggs from the ladies today. And there are baby geese!!

Three little ones! Look at those feet! The little guys are doing great and peeping away. They moved from the incubator tonight to their brooder. They are lots like baby chicks - 90+ degrees for a couple weeks. They have their own little brooder to waddle around in. I wouldn't call them graceful. One flipped itself completely over while learn to walk, as they say, ass over tea kettle. But - really - could they be any cuter?

The rest of the gang is kicking along. I opened some fresh pastures for the pigs. Maybelline's littles figured out how to sneak under the electric wire, little weasels that they are.

Hope you guys are having a super week. More gosling pics tomorrow! Best - Holly

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