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Porch Swing Farm Day 4/21

Hello dears! The week has flown! So far: 3 more pigs to the processor, picked up 3 pigs worth of pork cuts that are ready to go out for people's dinners, locked the incubator down for the goose eggs to hatch, more weedeating and bushhogging, and worked on the taxes. Oh the taxes. Slow and steady, a little bit every day. Someday, the list will be done....maybe...

Lots of beautiful sunsets this week. This one is starring Zeppelin (in the back) and his current girlfriends - Cleo, Catherine and Cixi.

I mentioned that the goose eggs are due to hatch any day now. I had tucked four little Wyandotte eggs in the incubator to piggyback on the hatch. Only one egg progressed all the way. It's hard to have one chick. I do have some slightly older chicks but too much older than this little one. He'd get stomped. So my super nice neighbor Paula (also a chicken superfan) was hatching out some babies and offered to tuck this little one in with hers. Success! Thanks to her and to good neighbors everywhere.

He's a cutie.

And Liz's piglets are looking great! Since there are just 4 of them, they are getting lots and lots of snacks. She's been a great mom and is quickly becoming my next favorite pig behind my darling Maybelline.

Back to the taxes, my friends. Hope your week is going well and that you can get out and see some spring today. Best - HP

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