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Porch Swing Farms 5/1

Happy Sunday to you folks! A busy Saturday for Porch Swing. We did the LR River Market for the 1st time to good success. Check us out at the market on our Instagram - @porchswingfarmers. Lots of folks out and about on a stellar day in Arkansas. Aaron ran the affair beautifully and had several very capable assistants in his charming sister Cassie and the lovely and talented Sloane and Charlotte. We sold pork, special dog treats and our pecans and will be there with more stuff next week!

I delivered eggs to our regulars at their houses and admired the first of the peonies blooming here in central Arkansas. 58 dozen delivered this week.

I'm eagerly awaiting the 1st batch of Sebastapols to hatch. These are the 6 eggs that I have under 2 hens in a maternity ward I set up for them. They could hatch as early as the 10th or as late as the 14th. Wish them luck!

Lots of green stuff popping up for the pigs to munch. These guys certainly like salad but also eagerly await their pig kibble breakfast.

The Easter centerpiece buff orpingtons are growing and got their first outside space this week. They're brave littles and adapted well to the move. They are great, calm guys. The whitings that we have (they lay the blue eggs) are a nervous, flighty bunch and seem to lack the confidence of these sturdy fellows.

Annie popped by for a special guest appearance. She comes and goes these days but is not shy of nudging in among the pigs for some snacks. A girl after my own heart.

More pigs to market this week. And it's coop cleaning week - we're all very excited. More stuff going in the ground in the gardens. And the first sausage making with our new, fancy equipment. Have a great week and rest of your weekend!

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