Good Looking & Especially Delicious

Farm Goods

- Raised Up in Arkansas -

We have eggs available!

Beautifully Colored

Humanely Raised

Delivered to Your Door

Fresh Eggs

We'd love to

stay in touch.

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for more info and to get on the

eggs-citing email list.

Pretty close to perfect.

A little tang from that delicious cheddar. 

Some creaminess from real mayo.

A pop of color from the pimento. 

The best combo.

For all
the meals.

Stir into an omelette.

Make a sandwich for lunch -

cut it at an angle

because you are classy.

Make that the

best cheese board ever.

The Farm Goods

A selection of exceptional farm goods  - with more to come.

Vibrant eggs, delectable pecans - 

all gently placed on your front porch.

Interested in being part of all this?

Email us!

Do reach out to us
We'd love to chat!
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Porch Swing Farms

Both folks from Arkansas, Holly and Aaron are excited to return home after working lots of places around the country. 

Holly grew up on a small farm in Berryville where she milked a lot of goats, plucked a lot of chickens and won a few 4-H ribbons.  She ran off to work in the theatre, where she learned to be even handier.


Aaron grew up in the big city (Little Rock) and dove deeply into science, completing his doctorate in Biochemistry in 2013.  He applies his science to all the farm things and is in charge of the math.

The farmette in Bigelow is a team effort and is connecting us to the land and to each other more each day. Be a part of it with us.

Cheep cheep