We've been thinking a lot about where the food

we eat comes from - who makes it,

how it's treated and how we can do better.

We want to feel great about the food we eat 

and want it to be delicious.

We want to be part of the answer -

for ourselves and for your family.

Pecans are back.

Things are finally looking up.

Spicy, salty, sweet - addictive.

Treat yourself and your people

to a little joy.

Pulled pork.jpg

Heritage Breed Pigs

Pasture Raised

Humanely Treated.

Beyond Delicious.

Pretty close to perfect.

A little tang from that

delicious cheddar. 

Creamy real mayo.

A pop of color from the pimento. 

The best combo.

Pimento Cheese 

Stir into an omelette.

Make a classy sandwich

for lunch -

cut it on the diagonal.

Make it the best

cheese board ever.

Beautifully Colored

Humanely Raised

Delivered to Your Door

We have a short waiting list.

Please email to get on it!

Fresh Eggs

Cheep cheep