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Saturday mornings mean family breakfasts and lazy brunches.  Delicious omelettes, fried eggs with bright orange centers and lacy edges, soft slices of perfectly browned French toast.

What if those beautiful eggs were dropped off on your porch - no need to travel to the grocery or the farmer's market? Gorgeous, naturally rainbow colored gems laid by happy, pastured hens, delivered directly to you.

Some eggs-tra info

Eggs may have a feather or a piece of straw on them.  We intentionally don't scrub your eggs much so that they will last longer.  They are laid with a natural protective coating called the bloom. We rinse them so some of the bloom has been removed but we try to leave it intact. They stay clean because we hand gather them often from clean nest boxes from clean, healthy chickens.


Eggs don't have to be refrigerated immediately if unwashed.  We do wash ours so go ahead and tuck them in the fridge. They'll last months in there! They're magic like that.


All our eggs come from ladies that we raised from chicks or from similarly minded neighbor farmers.  The hens grow up with lots of room to roam and plenty of room to entertain themselves. They love watermelon and tomatoes.


The breed of the chicken determines the color of the shell.  They all taste the same. Our older ladies are Speckled Sussex, Black Star and New Hampshire Red hens.  They all lay a pale brown egg.  And now for colors from the young girls! Our Whiting True Blues and Greens, Americaunas, Olive Eggers, Austra Whites and Barnevelders are all now laying to broaden the color palette. We've added French Black Copper Marans for the really dark chocolate too!

Free Saturday Delivery to Little Rock & Conway w/ $25 Order
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