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We have a little bit of land in rural Arkansas and are making the most of it. 

In 2018, we started with some beautiful chickens to lay beautiful eggs. We moved to pickle-making, perfecting pimento cheese and glazing amazing local pecans, all while we worked on bringing pigs to our farm. Now, pork is our pride and joy!


We believe in being kind to the animals in our care. 

The chickens have spacious coops and large ranges that we rotate regularly

to maintain access to fresh pastures.  We provide grain to

supplement the greens and bugs they find for themselves.

The pigs are rotational grazed and encouraged to act like pigs,

wallowing in the mud, rooting in the earth and enjoying the sunshine.

We're using that chicken and pig fertilizer fueled soil to grow lovely flowers.

Kind of a silk purse from a sow's ear...

We invite you to our farm. Reach out to us to schedule a time.

Chicks - 1st week.jpg

And About Us...

Holly Payne

​Holly grew up on a small farm in Berryville where she milked a lot of goats, plucked a lot of chickens and won a few 4-H ribbons.  She ran off to work in the theatre, where she learned to be even handier.​
Holly still designs costumes on the side.

Aaron Baldwin

Aaron grew up in the big city (Little Rock) and dove deeply into science, completing his doctorate in Biochemistry in 2013.  He applies his science to all the farm things and is in charge of the math.

4 wheeler 2.jpeg

And the family! Kendra Payne and Andi Pratt run the Northwest Arkansas parts of the farm. Andi grows beautiful hay to supplement the pigs diet in the winter and is the marketing guru. Kendra manages the farm store from her farm in Springdale and grows beautiful greenery and flowers. Our dad Ron jumps in and help with construction projects and tractor advice. The next generation - Miles, Chloe, Alex, Sloane, McCrae, Charlotte and Logan all jump in when needed and love working a market.

Our farm is a team effort and a labor of love. It's connecting us to the land and to each other more each day.

Be a part of it with us!


Free Saturday Delivery to Little Rock & Conway w/ $25 Order
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