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Cory Babb of the amazing Firelight Farms and I started talking about doing a farm dinner a few months ago, a dream I've had for a long time. We both stand by the "Know your farmer, know your food" motto and what better way to know your farmer than to share a delicious meal with them on the farm!


We would like to join forces on an inaugural pass at a farm dinner - a rough draft to see how it works for our farm friends and for us. Porch Swing has a new barn that is just crying out for guests! We also think it's a great time of year to visit the farm before the heat of summer descends and to celebrate the bounty of spring.


We're keeping it small and wanted to throw it out to our best customers first. The menu is still in flux, but we're centering it around a beautiful porchetta from Porch Swing and the glorious veg of Firelight. We're planning 4 courses, wine and beer, a fun farm tour and lots of great conversations.


The details:

May 25 - 5:30-8ish

69 S. Hwy 113S, Bigelow, AR (about 45 mins from LR)

Farm Dinner

    Free Saturday Delivery to Little Rock & Conway w/ $25 Order
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