You are making a good choice for you and your family. You'll have a stockpile of the highest quality pastured pork. Your life will improve.


Total price for 1/2 share is $500. We'll apply the $250 deposit and collect the remaining $250 upon delivery. We'll deliver the amazing pork to you brown paper wrapped with our logo, ready for your freezer.


You'll receive (pound amounts are estimates - 70 pounds minimum):


Thick Cut Pork Chops  (23 of them) – 13 lbs

Whole Smoked Ham – 15 lbs

Smoked Bacon – 8 lbs

Spare Ribs – 3 lbs

Porch Swing Spicy Breakfast Sausage – 9 lbs

Ground Pork – 10 lbs

Boston Butt – 4 lbs






Pastured Pork Deposit - 1/2 Share

  • A half share will is about the size of 5 brown paper grocery bags or plastic milk crates. It will weigh approximately 70 pounds.