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You are making a good choice for you and your family. You'll have a stockpile of the highest quality pastured pork. Your life will improve.


1/4 share is $275 for a minimum of 35 pounds. We'll deliver the amazing pork to you vacuum sealed, frozen and ready for your freezer.


Once you order, we'll be in touch about scheduling and specifics on cuts.


You'll receive (pound amounts are estimates - 35 pound minimum):


Pork Chops – 12 1” chops – 8 lbs

Smoked or Fresh Ham or

Boston Butt+Picnic Roast – 10+ lbs

Bacon – smoked – 4 lbs

Spare Ribs – 2 lbs

Breakfast Sausage – 5 lbs

Ground Pork – 4 lbs

+ neckbones, jowl, hocks, etc.

Pastured Pork - 1/4 Share

  • How Much Space Will It Take Up

    A half share will is about the size of 2 1/2 brown paper grocery bags or plastic milk crates. It will weigh approximately 35 pounds.

Free Saturday Delivery to Little Rock & Conway w/ $25 Order
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