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Farm Day 1-25

Hey folks. Greetings from the little farm. I was feeding the soon-to-be mother pigs tonight and enjoying spending time with them when it occurred to me that maybe other people would like a little taste of the farm days. I often collect the highlights from my day - who moved to what pasture, what field we seeded, how many eggs, etc - in a notebook but I thought, for the foreseeable future, I'd include them in the blog. So let's see what happened today!

So according to my meticulous record keeping (ahem), Eleanor was due to have little Eleanors last Thursday. No Eleanors are currently present. I have down that Maybelline (pictured here in all her charming glory) is not due until the second week of February. That's not what Maybelline's belly is saying right now, but we'll see. I see some little hooves appearing before then...

Maybelline really is a gem. Chill, not pushy, loves a back rub. Couldn't ask for more. Maybelline - we salute you!

Today the girls (Eleanor and Maybelline) had some left over Cadbury eggs on their morning kibble. Being British pigs and hogs of good taste, they appreciated them mightily. And, since I had a little tumble with a handful of the actual chicken eggs this evening, they had very fresh eggs over their dinner.

Elsewhere, our Black Copper Marans rooster is on the mend. I've yet to name him but he is such a nice guy - I mostly just call him darling. He is on the 3rd day of a cocktail of steroids/anti-inflammatories/antibiotics. He had a respiratory infection of some kind, I noted on Saturday. So he's been in the shop recuperating. We just got him a few weeks ago to father a whole new generation of chocolate egg layers (eggs pictured). I'm hoping he'll get back to his 4 girlfriends later this week. They were asking after him.

It was a weirdly warm day today, rainy this morning and in the 70's for much of the day. A little soggy out at the farm. Hoping for some dry weather and sunshine for my newly seeded pastured. The piggles don't mind a little sun either, super nappers that they are.

We had farm guests yesterday. A couple of my oldest (soooo old) friends brought their darling children for a farm afternoon. They are all very brave and very unafraid of mud - we had a great time. We sent a dozen eggs home with them that they are going to try to hatch. Fingers crossed! Here's Evie, the intrepid egg hunter and hatcher, and Hart, who is just a little small for this quantity of moving pigs. We'd love to have them all the time, bringing our commune dreams to fruition!

And that's the day! Hope yours was drier but still full of good stuff! XO - HP


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