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Farm Day 1/27

Another damp morning for the gang. It cleared up just as we were all enjoying breakfast - perfect timing. I thought I'd introduce you to our extra creature at the farm. Meet Annie, our local lady deer.

Annie has been at the farm since we bought the property last April. We saw her every now and then back then. She still had spots when we first saw her, and I assumed her mom was nearby somewhere. But no mom appeared (hence, Annie) and now, I'm afraid, she thinks she's a pig. We see her every morning and evening. She has her own feed bowl now. She will get about 10 feet from you. She's figured out the fence system too, never getting a shock that I've seen. Now that she's so used to us, I hope she sticks around. I'm not sure the rest of the world would be as accommodating.

It's a good view of Queen Elizabeth and Bloody Queen Mary in the back there. They are angels. Also, Ma and Bertha, the recent moms to the kids we saw yesterday. And they are loud. I think the T-Rex sounds from Jurassic Park were actually from these two pigs. And Zeppelin, the man of the house. He'd been pretty bratty for the last month or so, nipping and pushing on me. Full coverage shoes required at all times if you value all your little piggies. He's straightened up lately. Maybe feeling the responsibility of his new harem? I'm pretty sure he's still not the boss over there.

Supposed to get a little chilly tonight so the young kids got fresh hay in their houses. The big pigs all have a round hay bale to themselves and you can barely see their snouts after they burrow in. Still no piglets for those of you keeping track of Eleanor and Maybelline. I asked when they thought they might have those babies but they, per usual, had some other stuff on their minds and wandered off.

We ended the day with a cheese plate, standard issue here on the Porch Swing house. We love the Murray's cheese selection at our Kroger, especially when paired with Barred Rock Pickles. Not a bad deal.

Here's hoping for a few days of sunshine!

Best - HP


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