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Farm Day - 1/30

On Saturday, we deliver eggs - to many of you reading this I bet! We delivered 50 dozen this week (really 49 - I promise I'll get that last one in your hands this week!) to front stoops, porches, side porches, door mats, etc. When we started doing deliveries, I wasn't crazy about it. But now - I'm zen. It's really satisfying to place the eggs just right at the door, mark everybody off the list as I work my way through town and enjoy beverage treats from generous customers. And I stop at Rosalia's and get cheesebuns. They encourage zen thinking, for sure.

Still on new pig mom watch. I'm thinking now that we're going to be on for our anticipated February 15 due date. Eleanor - who knows? I think she's just toying with me now. Please see previous discussion on the intelligence of pigs. I wouldn't put it past her.

In the interim, here's my sweet Maybelline having dinner. Angel. The ears double as wings.

It was mostly a rainy day here but cleared up for a lovely sunset and a warmish evening. A few dry days would be amazing. I'd love to get less mudsplattered.

Some of the girls enjoying the sunshine. The girls stay in a large movable fenced area most of the day but when I do afternoon chores, I let them run around willy nilly, and they clean up the spilled feed under the silo. They have feeders full of chicken feed, but pig feed must be chicken candy.

The sunset is their best light. Golden chickens, golden hour.

And these guys. Also having a great day. They're doing a great neck demo today. Except for the food focused brown girl in the back there. I appreciate her attention to the task at hand - corn consumption.

I think they've been using their goose house, maybe just to make me feel better. Goose eggs this spring? I'd love some babies. I'm actually not sure what sex the geese are - they're pretty sneaky it. I figure with 4 of them, the chance are good that one of them is a girl goose...right?

Sunday looks like sun. We'll get ready for the chicks due this week, clean out some coops and move some teenage chickens out into the real world. I love Sundays.

Have a great one yourself! Best - HP

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