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Farm Day 2/2

Hello farm folk! Greetings from me and this small flock of fluffy butts. These are a hybrid breed - ISA Browns - a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a White Plymouth Rock. Probably. We bought them as chicks and they've been pretty quiet on their parentage. What they are is SUPER friendly. When I let them out to run around like hooligans in the afternoon, they follow me around. And talk to me. It's possible that I offer them a little extra chicken scratch. Who says you can't buy love?

A pretty standard day on the farm. No new piglets. No goose egg surprises. But also no emergencies so I'll take it. It does give me a chance to mention a new program I'm working on - with some of our customers and hopefully more soon! I'm in search of compost for my new planting beds AND I'm always concerned about food waste. With our Saturday deliveries to many homes, we have the opportunity to work on both of these goals. If you are so inclined, we can help with your composting. Email me ( to sign up if you want to play our composting game. We can provide supplies and will pickup when we drop off eggs. It'd be something to feel good about!

Not a great picture but here's the first composting contribution to our big compost pile. Most anything organic can be composted - onion scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, spoiled food, peanut shells - almost everything.

And it will turn into pumpkins - magic!

In maybe not the most interesting news, we're working on a grant from the USDA to address some supply chain gaps that we think we could help with here in central Arkansas so we're talking to some other farmers and farm people for advice and support. I'm learning LOTS about what's required for such things. I knew all that college was going to come in handy!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday. Our new chick babies go in the mail tomorrow, arriving Thursday or Friday, so send them good travel vibes if you can. And new chicks to hatch here on Saturday or Sunday!

Best - HP

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