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French Marans meet French Macarons

We kid around that the chickens are bougie - the chicken hipsters of the neighborhood. They do enjoy brunch quite a bit and love nothing more than an indie film fest (as long as the poultry is well represented).

It seems that things have escalated a bit. We had some leftover, semi-stale macarons that were deemed ready for the chicken yard. I caught this picture of our French Black Copper Marans rooster (a bougie breed if I've ever heard of one) showposing it next to the French cookie. #blackcoppermarans #chickenlivinglarge

This will do nicely after my avocado toast.

He's still a teenager but is for certain a beauty. We never intended to have a rooster, for the record, but sometimes sexing the chicks when they are so very wee doesn't work out so well. Here he is (or one of his lady friends) on the first day.

WE don't even know if we're hens or roosters yet.

If you've never had the joy of getting chicks in the US Mail, I'd recommend it. We like Cackle Hatchery in MO. You order the kids, they send you a note that they are on their way and then a box of tiny cheep cheeps arrives in the mail. It's mind blowing. #chicksatthepostoffice #cacklehatchery

The French Black Copper Marans (whew...) lay a dark brown egg, almost chocolate looking.

They come like this! Right from the chicken!

These girls are just about to start laying. We can hardly wait to see add these beauties into the egg mix. Until then, we'll keep the fancy food coming!

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