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Guinea Buyer's Remorse

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

I have read the articles but I did it anyway. I bought some guineas. So some of you know what I'm getting at here and some of you are wondering why I'm going on about a rodent.

For clarity - adult guinea fowl:

Our current guinea fowl:

Pretty cute, huh? So there are going to grow crazy flesh helmets and sound like a a steam train coming into the station. It'll add to the ambiance at the farmette.

In reality, they're great consumers of ticks and bugs and various and assorted small things. My childhood farm had several of them that (RIP) became coyote kibble. We're training these to stay with the chickens but, by all reports, no guinea is a Mensa member, so fingers crossed on that front.

Check back in for more progress pics of the kids!

Update! The guineas are grown and are a treat to watch. Our nephew Alex says that they are the stuff of nightmares. I think he termed them zombie vultures. #guineagreatpersonality

They do make quite a racket, but we're used to it now. They alert everyone that it's feeding time or the dogs are looking at them too long or that a leaf has fallen.

I didn't know this but I've learned that guineas mate for life. I'm unclear right now who is with whom. We'll have to wait until we receive the Save the Date cards.

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