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New Kids on the Block

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

We decided, several months ago, to add some different colored egg layers to the flock. Different breeds lay different colored eggs. Most folks are familiar with white and brown but there are lots of different shades too. So - our new girls will soon be laying a variety of shades - olive, pink, pale blue, pastel blue, pastel green, deep chocolate brown. I thought we'd explore the different breeds as they start to lay eggs.

This is my good side.

This beauty is a Splash French Marans. She came from our super neighbor Paula who hatched her. She lays the beautiful darkest brown eggs in the dozen below.

We're working on an ombre look.

The French Marans are what they call a dual purpose breed - pretty good egg layers but you can also raise them for the dinner table. They are a very old breed and, so far, super chill kids.

Our Americaunas, True Blue and True Green Whitings and Austra Whites are kicking egg production up a notch! Look at all these beauties!

Interested in us bringing these beauties by your house? Check out the egg store -


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