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As you may have assumed, we eat lots of eggs here at the farm. Mostly the ones with a little crack or the little ones. So we have figured out some creative ways to enjoy them. Really, though, the best way is how Aaron's mom makes them. Barbara makes shirred eggs - fancy baked eggs, tarted up with some parmesan and cream. They are part of the traditional Christmas morning tradition in that marvelous family, going on 40 years. We sneak them in other days now - Christmas is way too long to wait.

The recipe is actually very simple. Dress them up any way you'd like. Simple is elegant and delicious but a little siracha is pretty great too. And bacon would not be untoward here.

Turn the oven on to 325 degrees. Butter a muffin tin - however many eggs you think you want. And then do one more just for good measure. Crack an egg into each one.

Colorful eggs
Pretty eggs just taste better.

On top of the egg, pour a tablespoon or so of cream or half and half. Cream will, of course, taste better. Salt and pepper and a sprinkle or two of grated parmesan. To taste, of course.

Ready to go in

Tidy up the muffin tin. Nobody wants to deal with that mess. You can make these in little ramekins, and if you are really fancy, you can bake them in a water bath. But that gets a little fussy, right?

Slide them into the oven. Set the timer -12 minutes for a little runny. They will cook a little bit after they are out of the oven so take that into consideration too. Let them rest a beat or two before serving.

Slide a knife around the edge and get your brunch on. Hope you love them!

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