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Piggles and Wyandottes

Greetings from our soggy farm. "Rainy" has become the default. When we speak of the weather, we only note sunny days. Looks like it'll just be easier this way.

The farm is going great out here in Toad Suck. We've been working on new chicken houses and raising up more chicks so we can promote some folks off the egg waiting list. FYI, we're so tickled to actually have a waiting list. Soon! We promise!

I've procured some chickens just for their looks (shallow, I know), and I'm excited to watch them grow. They are Blue Laced Red Wyandottes. Pack your chicken nerd bag - we're going on a trip.

Wyandottes are a classic American chicken breed. They are okay layers but real lookers. A little heavyset with beautiful feather patterns. They are technically what's know as a dual purpose breed - you can eat their eggs or them. We're going for the eggs here. Also,, categorizes their personality as, "generally easygoing with a tendency toward domination", which is also possibly my personality so we're, obviously, simpatico.

We have 6 of the littles:

Seriously fluffy. And here's what the adults look like:

So good-looking. I'll keep you all in the loop as the kids grow.

And for the other big news: we've added pigs! We're farming a place about 5 minutes away from Porch Swing Farms that we're calling Tire Swing Farms. We'll be rotationally grazing a few heritage breed pigs to supplement Porch Swing's offerings. The goal is to give you the best tasting pork available while also making certain that the animals are raised with the utmost care. The bacon is AMAZING.

We're raising both Large Black and Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) pigs - British pig breeds. The Queen's pigs are GOS! We're very fancy. We have 2 sows of each breed right now and hope to get a few more ladies soon - and a boyfriend for them! These are the girls that we're establishing long term relationships with so they are getting spoiled - apple snacks, back rubs, etc. And they have names. Mostly English queens of long ago. Pigs can live a long time - up to 20 years - so we're committed, it seems. Take that as you will.

Presenting the ladies:

So far, they're enjoying their new surroundings. Ma Rainey and Bertha came to us from Oklahoma, Ellie from Tilly, AR and Maybelline all the way from VA.

They are enjoying the green grass (which they are both eating and tilling) and the sunshine. It's great to see happy pigs. We're a little jealous of their life right now.

Hope you are all happy and healthy! Check us out on insta @porchswingfarmers


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