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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/22

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Hello from the South again! 65 degrees and sunny. That's more like it.

Who knew that there was green stuff under all that snow? The chickens have found it and had a great day scurrying about finding all sorts of treats.

I delivered eggs yesterday morning and as the morning wore on, I saw the steady decline of all the local snowpeople. They were a little pockmarked and icy to start the day but by noon, mostly just twigs and least favorite scarves. At the farm, it's more like the receding of the ice sheets. Still snow and ice in the shade but just puddles in the sun.

With the thaw comes the mud. There is a muddy/wet patch that runs through the middle of one of the pig pastures and it is in full muddy bloom right now. The piggles can make very fast work of a muddy pasture, turning it all over in a matter of hours. This pig is remarkable clean for the day that she's had.

And the littles are doing great. Lots of sibling rivalry. Growing for sure.

Gotta keep the snout warm. Good advice, pigs.

Hope you all have a nice warm day wherever you are in the world. Best - HP


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