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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/10

Hey all. Hope you are all tucked in and have your cave stocked for hibernation. I feel like the bears may have had it right the whole time.

Lots of prep for the animals with the cold coming. Hay in shelters, a new shelter on Friday, heat lamp in place for Maybelline's littles (when they come...). All the feed pigs are eating, eating, eating and growing! Also growing, Elizabeth and Mary are looking more and more preggers. They are due at the end of March. They are registered Old Spots, and their piglets that are the best looking will be sold as breeding stock for pigs of the future.

Here are a couple of Mary closeups:

She can't seem to keep her nose clean. She's a very chill girl who has figured out if she goes to food bowl number 2 as opposed to being part of the hubbub at food bowl number 1, she actually makes out better in the long run.

For those of you who remember my fascination with Victorian Farm, you'll be happy to know I found the mangelwurtzel seeds. Totally a made up name. They are a type of giant beet.

I have a full pound of the monster seed. I'm hoping for one the size of my head. As soon as the weather warms a little, I'm planning on planting them in some spots that the pigs have "tilled" for us.

I checked the goose eggs today and no progress. It's really too early, but I'm excited like a kid on Christmas Eve with very little adult supervision.

Also - I have made comments on the blog possible without logging in (I think). The learning curve on these things...

Have a great end of the week and stay safe! Best - HP

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