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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/11

Snow Day! Those of you with feet of snow right now will laugh at us. But - it did come with ice too so it was actually pretty treacherous. The creatures are handling it well. The temps were still in the 20's/30's and they can all handle that pretty well with their shelters and bedding. We are battening down the hatches for Monday, though, when it looks like the low is 0. Gross.

The chickens all got a little extra grain today. They were out working in the cold, seeing what the white stuff was all about.

The little ones are all inside the barn with their heat lamps on, enjoying the tropical temps in there. Until they get all their real feathers, they need an external heat source. When their mom hatches them, they cuddle under her, stealing her body head. Kids, right? But since these little guys are far, far away from their moms, heat lamps it is.

Here's the sneaky turken, or Transylvanian Naked Neck if you prefer. He or she (hard to tell at this point) is doing great. The other chicks are very polite to not mention his/her neck feather deficiency.

And Annie gets closer all the time. She certainly shows up at feeding time. I have a shelter out for her that she could bed down in but I think that's one step too close to domestication for her tastes.

Pretty great camouflage for an Arkansas winter, right?

Maybelline was nest building yesterday so we'll hope for piglets today while it's still reasonable cold and not Milwaukee cold. Shout out to all the WI peeps who tough it out for all those months. We salute you!

Find yourself a fireplace or at least a space heater and hunker down. Best -Holly

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