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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/12

You made it to Friday! Congrats! We've survived the first pass of the winter weather - a little snow and more ice and now more snow in the forecast along with some much colder weather. I'm made preparations today and I'll work more on it tomorrow. Lots of hay in our future.

The chicks are all cozy in the barn, snuggled down with each other and luxuriating in their heat lamps. Here's a "raptor" from the last hatch. Menacing yes?

I'm giving him/her a little but of crazy eye here but I have no evil intent toward this little chicken. But he/she better not cross me...

This one is a Whiting. Blue eggs. Cute little teenager. The whitings are a breed, but they are the result of a bunch of mixing of other breeds. One of the genetic donors is an Araucauna, a south American chicken breed with a crazy beard. You can see the little chin puffs on this guy. And a real Araucauna...

Impressive huh? We don't have any of these but it could be our little guy's great, great, great grandhen.

The littles are growing too. It's been a week already, and they're starting to get feathers on their tails and wings. Here's one of those darling little white Plymouth Rocks.

They will jump right off any surface so always be prepared to grab the little fellow when taking a pic. Please pardon the iffy manicure.

Have a great weekend and stay well! Best, Holly

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