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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/13 & 14

Hello from Minnesota! I know - you thought we were in the South but it does not seem so.

And it continued. I think we're at 5 inches right now - crazy? I remember Erin Cooke (whom some of you may know) saying that she could never live in the South because there weren't any seasons. Let's go ahead and check winter off the list, shall we?

It did creep to 30 or so yesterday so we got a little melting which then refroze within the hour. The high today was 18 so no such luck today.

Again, I know many of you would be tickled to have 18 as a high temperature. And you're right - we are wimps in the cold. I learned that first winter in Milwaukee that I was ill prepared for that kind of cold. Certain garments (socks mostly) are required. My sisters sent me Smartwool ski socks for Christmas. I survived because of them. I still wear them. And I was thankful for them today - the sisters and the socks.

Lots of times I post the pretty egg pictures but, as they say, sometimes you gotta break a few eggs. Or a few eggs get broken along the way.

I'm thinking we eat more eggs in our house than the norm. I usually have eggs for breakfast, scrambled with cheese - so nice and warm. Aaron taught me years ago that the secret to really nice omelette or scrambled eggs was to add a little sour cream and a little bit of mustard. Sounds weird but give it a try. It makes a real difference.

More cold and snow tomorrow. It'll be a busy day taking care of everybody - wish us luck and send warm thoughts! Best, HP


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