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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/16

Hello dear ones. We made it through the night, all safe and sound. -2 degrees is really cold here. I would GLADLY take 100 degrees - that I can manage. But what do you do with the cold? It did look beautiful today, and I think (fingers crossed) we're over the below zero portions of the program.

Still no Maybelline piglets. I'm hoping for tomorrow when it is forecast for 25 degrees - a real improvement. She's really dragging this out - also possible that I'm not the patient person ever.

Lots of pics today! When it was still below zero at sunrise. The chickens enjoying some sunshine on their feathers. The geese still confused but getting the hang of it.

Here at the house, on the back 3 acres, most of the chickens run about, so they usually go first in line in the morning. Warm water, fresh food and a general look see. And any early egg laying. I've been collecting eggs 3 or 4 times a day because they will freeze in the current arctic snowpocalypse. The geese live at the farm, about 5 miles down the road.

Also at the farm are the pigs. They are not snow fans and have not ventured very far out into it. Out for a snack and a drink and a pee and back to the hay/pig pile in their shelter.

This is Elizabeth on the left, enjoying a heavy breakfast. Maybelline had scrambled eggs this morning (all those frozen eggs go her way) and sent her compliments to the chef. The middle pic is of our Large Black feeder pigs who are growing so fast and make short order of a bale of hay. The picture on the right is also one of the Large Black feeders, venturing out about as far as he's interested in going.

So today is the first day that the goose eggs get removed from the incubator, misted and cooled for 10 minutes. I candled them to see if any were viable and it looks like 6 of the 7 are developing. Fingers crossed that I'm reading the eggs right. These goslings will find new homes but I can't wait to see them hatch. And who wouldn't want a fuzzy gosling or two?

Annie the local deer was frisky this morning, bouncing around at breakfast. She checked out the pig shelter and ate her breakfast too. I'm not sure where she's sleeping. I left a small shelter out for her near the pigs, but I don't think she's made use of it. I'm sure the pigs snore, so if I was her, I'd steer clear of that particular bed down spot.

I don't think the pigs smell, but I may be nose blind. The Large Black girls smell a little like molasses, but I don't think the Old Spots have an odor. And yes, I've smelled the pigs. We spend a lot of time together. I've had smellier coworkers.

Hope you are all having a warm day. More chicks hatch this weekend - so many chicks! I think we'll start selling a few hatchlings since we've caught up on our egg delivery waiting list and can spare the eggs. More snow coming tonight and tomorrow, so we'll keep at this winter business a little longer. If it's not 60 degrees by the end of the month, I'm filing a formal complaint. Best - HP

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