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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/18

Maybe the last day of this winter crap? Pretty please! It did get over 32 degrees today and the sun was out so some melting. And a big 37 tomorrow! Next week is forecast to be practically summer so we're counting the hours.

Maybelline still working on it but looking bigger. Tomorrow feels like the day.

She is such a joyful pig. It's really a pleasure to spend time with her. A very simple relationship. I bring her food and water and scratch her back and she purrs her piggy purr and we're both pretty happy. I think she's happy. I'm happy. And she keeps coming back for the back rubs. If only human relationships had such clear guidelines.

This is the back rub look. I usually just scratch her but for special occasions, I pull out the scrub brush. I think she'd stand there all day if you'd just keep scrubbing.

More snow pics with the deer and the pigs. I've noticed, now that I can track her movements in the snow, Annie really gets around the farm. When I arrive at the farm, I usually see her first with Mary and Liz but it looks like she's already been over to the feeder fields and the other adult paddock. Busy girl. If only she would carry some water buckets with her...

I was almost close enough to touch her today. Pretty girl. We're getting there. I think snacks are the way to her heart. Like so many of us.

We've bumped egg delivery to Monday morning to make sure we get them delivered. It'll be so strange to not get and deliver on Saturday. Plenty to do at the farm so we'll make good use of the time. Best - HP

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