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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/19

Hello gang. Much melting today! Lots of icicles hanging around now. The chickens even ventured out a little today - skeptically - but they did leave the house at least.

One of the girls creeping out of the coop VERY slowly. She went back and forth several times before she decided that maybe she could pull it off. They have food in and out of the coop so they have a choice for sure, but chickens are busy animals. Usually, they start the day scratching around and seeing what's new in their environment. Now, they stare at the snow and (if they had fingers) scratching their little heads about it.

When I got to the farm this morning, the geese met me at the barn. They've stayed around the pond so far, but they have realized that the food stays in the barn. Why do you rob banks? Because that's where the corn is.

They'll let me walk right up to them now. Still some hissing but not much fear left. I'm just the lady with the food.

Hopefully, the last of the snowy day pics. The pic on the left is the view of our house from the chicken coop at sunset. I've learned A LOT during this chilly week. We'll stock up on farm supplies in fall next year - lots of light bulbs, temporary shelters, a generator - BEFORE surprise winter happens.

A shoutout to all of our kind and understanding customers who've been very generous about delayed delivery this week. We appreciate you - thanks for being so supportive of our little farm! Best - HP

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