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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/20

Even more melting! Reasonable temperatures! Passable roads! Practically spring! Well, not spring yet but closer. The news is that Maybelline had her littles. 9 hungry little ones. Mother pigs make a rumbling sound to tell the piglets that it is dinner time. Here's a quickie video of the little ones today with Maybelline.

So pleased that she waited until it was warmer. Great work, per usual, Maybelline.

Everybody looked good in their hay pile with their heat lamp and a full tummy. They'll stay inside the barn for a few more days with their mom. I kept her in the barn today but we'll open her door into the big yard tomorrow. Because it's nice to be able to get away from the young ones every now and then. Needy they are.

The geese are loving the sunshine. The whole goose posse was lined up waiting for me when I arrived today. The brown one is the most reasonable of the bunch. She is always the most chill of the gang, seemingly talking sense into the more high strung members of their flock. A feathery voice of reason.

I'm very pleased that this hard week is almost over. While we have learned a lot, I'm in need of a few days of normal. Boring, old normal. I wish you the same. Best - HP

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