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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/24

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Hello dear ones! Thanks for hanging out on the farm with us. It's been a challenging couple of weeks and we really appreciate all the kind words, check-ins and support. This farm stuff is not easy but it's so worthwhile.

Speaking of worthwhile, these little ones are doing great. Maybelline is doing great, per usual, angel that she is. She got some extra nuts today and a pretty good back scratch. All these little piranhas are a lot of work for sure, and she deserves all the extra treats she can get.

I took a tiny little video of the kids this morning. They were really going at it before I started filming so don't think they are all sweetness and light - they also have sharp little teeth and can be a little pushy.

And deepest apologies for the goose soundtrack. Those guys are on the list of things that I have little control over.

My darling of a sister is coming this weekend to help us around the farm. Aaron has his second knee surgery on Wednesday (fingers crossed that they get Humpty Dumpty back together this time), and I am very excited to have her help finishing up our third farrowing area and cleaning up the barn after snowmagedden and the chickens turned it into their own AirBNB.

Have a great Thursday, friends. Thanks for joining us on this nutty trip. Best - HP

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