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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/27 and 28

Hello strangers! Sorry for the hiatus. Lots of farm happenings and lots of theatre happenings. Midsummer Night's Dream films tonight at Hendrix College for an online opening later this week. The theatre folks have been great with all the snow and Covid related challenges, and the show is charming.

The farm is going great, if a little muddy. My angel of a sister, Kendy, came for a visit/work day and we WORKED! Barn is super clean and organized. I feel really lucky to have such a great family. Aaron gets his knee surgery on Wednesday and I'm feeling much more prepared for it. Aaron also created a smorgasbord of freezer meals of his favorite stuff. We have a delicious recovery ahead!

The littles are growing! They are staying inside the barn, probably because of the steady and ever present rain this week. I totally understand their decision. Given the choice, I would also cuddle down in the hay next to the Maybelline buffet.

And a piggy pile.

The chicks are getting big too. I thought we'd do a little noir filter for these little side eye giving guys. They cuddle up at night and make a chick carpet in the brooder. I'll split them up next week into 2 brooders so we don't get too crowded because I bet they're going to continue to grow.

These beautiful feathers are on our black laced red wyandottes. Such pretty girls.

Now - let's slow down on the rain and have some nice sunny days, shall we? And new baby chicks tomorrow! Best - HP

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