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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/7

Good Sunday evening to you all. A chilly, raw day here in central Arkansas. In the 30's most of the day and drizzle. I did check to see what the weather was like in my former and second home, scenic southern Wisconsin, and the high today was 3. Just 3. So we're not complaining.

More darling chicks. They'll come out of the incubator tomorrow morning and we'll do a final count. We're hoping for 20 by the time everybody has hatched. And then in go the goose eggs go in! 6 eggs so far and I'll tuck in some chicken eggs too. The chicken eggs will hatch before the geese so they won't get stepped on by some fatty baby geese. If we're real lucky and get baby geese.

The next incubator full is due to hatch at the end of February. The first of the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes are in there and we'll see if they are viable eggs. Here's the beautiful Wyandotte rooster and one of his girlfriends.

They are going to make beautiful babies!

All the pigs send their love. We worked on Ladybird's new area in the farea today, setting the post in cement. They are strong animals and cement is required to keep things together. We'll add in panels and paint this week and move the big girl in next week. Maybelline's official due date is February 15 so we'll try to get this all squared away by then do avoid upsetting her.

We'll work on a pig shelter addition this week for the teenagers And I've failed at shopping for equipment this weekend so we'll just bump that over to this week. Making progress!

We have a new batch of pecans ready to go for Valentine's Day if you need the PERFECT thing for just about everyone in your life. Check them out - we'll drop them off Saturday morning or drop them in the mail.

Try to stay warm this week - wherever you are, friends. Best, HP

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