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Porch Swing Farm Day 2/8

Greeting and salutations (a little farm reference for you all)! Another chilly, cloudy day here today. I had a delivery to do in Little Rock today (delicious pecans right to your door step). I had a little time gap before I headed back to the farm so I did what logical people do and I went to Trader Joe's. A bright spot for sure. Now I'm well stocked on mochi nuggets and fancy raisins for the coming blizzard. It's not going to be a blizzard. But if a tiny little bit of winter precipitation were to land, I'm ready.

Here's our little ones. If you are counting, there are 17 here. 3 hatched later today and they went out on a 2nd run to the brooder.

I've been pretty careful about the breeding program here. We have separate pens for the breeders - 1 good looking rooster and a small harem of 4 or 5 hens in a love nest. When I was filling the incubator last time, I thought I had 36 spots but had 42 in reality. So - I grabbed a couple of eggs last minute and popped them in. I thought I has grabbed a white egg from our Pearl Leghorn pen. Au contraire. This little guy must have been from an egg from the farm and is half Leghorn and half Turken. God bless him or her. The Turkens don't have feathers on their necks - not sure why - but it's definitely distinctive.

Now that the littles have moved out, the goose eggs have moved in! I've filled in around them with chicken eggs. They are massive, aren't they? Now that I'm getting to know the geese better, I think we have 1 gander and 3 geese or gooses or something that means girl geese.

You can see that the goose eggs have an X or and O on them. One side has an X and one an O so that I know that they are turning nicely. I'm not sure my egg turner was intended for these tank ass eggs but so far, no complaints.

The chicken eggs hatch at 21 days and the goose eggs 28-32 or so it seems. Taking their sweet time. This is the first time I've ever tried to hatch anything other than a chicken egg so fingers crossed!

Tomorrow is a school day so we'll farm in the morning and the afternoon and teach some theatre in the middle. We're producing Midsummer Night's Dream at Hendrix this semester and fittings start tomorrow. My days have an impressive amount of variety in them. I'm a lucky human.

Hope your Monday was serviceable as least and have a great rest of the week. Best - HP

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