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Porch Swing Farm Day 3/1

Happy March to you all. In like a lion, out like a lamb, I used to hear, because I'm old probably. I'm going to alter the first part for current weather and say in like a mudskipper. We'll see what the out looks like.

In incubator news, we had a really good hatch - 11 of 12 eggs. Including this darling little one.

The goose eggs are looking good - we'll see in a week! 32 days seems like FOREVER!

And Annie is now insisting on being fed with the pigs. Demanding little creature.

We're shopping for a new chicken coop - really an addition to the barn. I think it's going to be easier to move the fence than it is the chickens at this point. And if they are closer to the barn, then we can use heat lights or fans to help keep them a happy chicken temperature. Then we can rotate the fence over the front 2 acres of pasture that is really too wet to ponder populating with pigs. I really couldn't resist that.

Hope you are all well and happy and in the mood for Spring! Best - HP

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