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Porch Swing Farm Day 3/10

Hello folks! Happy Wednesday! While I was feeding the pigs today, I was thinking that we don't show much of the behind the scenes work. I do love a pretty picture but maybe you're interested in the mechanics of this affair. Please meet my best farm friend - the Honda 4 wheeler.

Loaded down with feed, I drive this angel from pasture to pasture. When we first started with the piglets, I'd carry over a single bucket of feed everyday. Now, I fill up every bucket we have and drive it over to the piggles.

And those buckets. I line them up and carry them over to the feeders one or two at a time. The pigs usually have food left in their feeders so I don't get too much attention but if the feeder is low, I have a pretty impressive fan club. Also, this is the central portion of my farm workout plan. You'll get fit real quick!

Goslings, you say? Got em!

I mean...for real. Have a great rest of the week! Best, Holly

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