• Holly

Porch Swing Farm Day 3/17

Hey all! Heck of a thunderstorm! Sheets and sheets of rain. And with rain comes mud. The pigs are much better suited to the mud than I am - with their pointy little hooves. I have developed a "get out of quicksand" technique to get my self out of the mud where I lift the heel of the boot up gently to break the super strong mud vacuum seal and then deep knee bend my way out. We're hoping for dry the rest of the week, all fingers and hooves crossed.

The gosling are off to their new home. A lovely couple of folks who are starting their own little farm came and got the little guys yesterday. Such little soft creatures.

So - given the weather, a muddy pig pic seems right. This fellow is actually one of the less muddy looks but seemed to be angling for a photo op.