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Porch Swing Farm Day 3/20 and 21

Greetings! Hope the weekend was lovely for you all. Beautiful days here. Lots of goings-on on the farm. Saturday, of course, egg delivery. Loved seeing all the flowers popping up all over Conway and Little Rock. I've often thought, while delivering eggs, "Gosh, this house smells great." So I don't go inside anybody's house so that seems weird. I finally figured it out today - laundry! I bet many people do laundry on Saturday morning and the dryer vents blow delicious, warm scented air out of the house. It has only taken me 2 years to put this together...

New piglets! Queen Mary has 7 beauties. Tiny Dalmatians.

Maybelline's littles are not so little. It looks like they are attacking her here. She may feel like that too, actually.

And the chicks are sooo big. The specific breeds tend to hang out together - birds of a feather, etc. These are little Barred Rocks. We order all pullets (girls) but that 's a lot of comb on the one 2nd from the right. Ahem.

And in the sunshine at about 5 pm today, the eggs were pretty lovely.

Hope you are all prospering. Our first batch of feeder pigs goes to the processor this week - wish us luck making that happen. Thanks and best - HP

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