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Porch Swing Farm Day 3/23

Hey everybody! Pigs loaded! Please celebrate for us! A couple of beautiful days as well, today especially.

Our new truck comes to us on Thursday. Aaron is lobbying to name her Wanda. I'm unopposed but I'm eager to meet her first.

Piglets are doing well and growing fast, per usual. I caught some of the ladies sunning themselves like queens yesterday.

They are loving the greenery. Salad bar all around!

Our Toulouse goose is still sitting on her eggs. I have no real idea when they'll hatch (if they hatch) but maybe in the next week or so. She's been so diligent with her nesting. Her companions are not nearly so dedicated and are mostly spending their day seeing what food is available via spillage. They have taken to parking themselves beneath the grain bin. They are no dummies.

And! We visited 2 highland cows over the weekend to see what they were like. Beauties! And such horns!

And they had a donkey. Very friendly. We tried to feed them potato chips but they were uninterested. The donkey, though, deeply interested.

So - more piglets coming any day from Mary's sister, Elizabeth. Babies all around! Best - HP


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