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Porch Swing Farm Day 3/24

Good day to you all! Pigs delivered - pork on its way to us next week. Whew. As most of you know, we're new at many of these things. A tremendous learning curve this year. Every single day has challenged us somehow - how to keep pigs cool, how to keep pigs warm, how to convince them to get into a trailer, what to do if you break your kneecap, etc. It's been a marvelous adventure. Sincerely. I never go to the farm and think "what on earth am I doing here?". The work is a hard and often smelly and regularly dirty but is incredibly satisfying. I'm proud of the progress we've made and super proud of my husband and our families. Without the aid of the families and our kind, kind neighbors, our little farm venture would have been impossible. We really appreciate the many, multiple and constant kindnesses.

Our lovely girls. These are the three Old Spot gilts that we've raised. 2 of them - Catherine the Great on the left and Cleo on the right are Maybelline's babies. The middle girl I picked up from April Prussia at Dorothy's Range in Wisconsin when she was about 10 weeks old. She is the sweetest one of these girls. But they are all very good looking I believe.

Annie has come home! She's been gone for a couple weeks and I'd hoped she'd found a group of deer to hang out with. I'm sure the pigs offer scintillating conversation but rarely do they have all the latest deer gossip. But she's back to pilfering the pig dinners and I'm happy to see her.

We are excited to savor the pork we've been working to produce. It's pretty special stuff - pastured, humanely raised, heritage breed. I've had lots of time to ponder the pork to come and am of the opinion that if we're going to eat meat, we should try to eat the best tasting and most generously produced meat we can afford. Even if that means eating less of it. We hope that is also something we can offer our customers.

To that point, we were planning our Easter meal with our family and Aaron came across an article in the New York Times that extols the virtues of the specific pork we've been raising. It sounds amazing. It's a fresh ham, roasted with maple syrup and pecans. Check it out here - Fresh ham

We'll have a few of these hams just in time for Easter. We're happy to deliver them to you the Saturday before Easter if you're in Little Rock or Conway. Hams. We'd love your Easter to be as special as ours looks to be.

Again, thanks to you all for the kind words and love. We appreciate it - fo' real. Best - HP


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