• Holly

Porch Swing Farm Day 3/24

Good day to you all! Pigs delivered - pork on its way to us next week. Whew. As most of you know, we're new at many of these things. A tremendous learning curve this year. Every single day has challenged us somehow - how to keep pigs cool, how to keep pigs warm, how to convince them to get into a trailer, what to do if you break your kneecap, etc. It's been a marvelous adventure. Sincerely. I never go to the farm and think "what on earth am I doing here?". The work is a hard and often smelly and regularly dirty but is incredibly satisfying. I'm proud of the progress we've made and super proud of my husband and our families. Without the aid of the families and our kind, kind neighbors, our little farm venture would have been impossible. We really appreciate the many, multiple and constant kindnesses.