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Porch Swing Farm Day 3/3

Hello folks! Hope the week is going well for you and yours. A busy week so far here. Aaron had his knee surgery and is recuperating. Cross all your fingers that he heals up nicely this time. We've met with the plumber to extend the waterlines further into the pastures. He'll get going on that on Monday. We're adding on to the Large Black feeder pigs shelter to accommodate their growth. And we're building on all the good work Kendy did in the barn by finish up the electrical work. Closer!

These little guys are excited and also a little hesitant to leave the cozy barn for the farrowing paddock area but I bet they'll all be running around like nuts in the next few days. This looks like a sweet little picture but I bet somebody is about to bite someone else. Kids these days.

Annie is doing well too. She has the skinniest little legs. When you see her bound over the electric fences, she looks strong and confidant. And then you see her pencils and wonder how that even works.

Have a superb rest of the week and enjoy this beautiful day. Best - HP

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