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Porch Swing Farm Day 4/6

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Hey gang! Day 2 of the Easter joy. We've packed it all up here now, but it was a lovely day and the leftovers have been terrific. Lots more things in bloom now - the dogwoods are impressive this year as are the azaleas and forsythia. The pigs are chomping on fresh greens from their pastures and we're all shaking off the winter.

Aaron's mom Barbara made this charming bunny rice crispy cake with little marzipan bees! Very cute and tasty. And, of course, plenty of eggs.

And our Easter ham. We had a fresh ham rather than a cured one this year. These are the slices from that decadent ham that I posted in the last blog. At serving, we passed balsamic maple gravy and ginger pecan crumble. Lovely.

And the leftovers as promised. We had it the same way we did at Easter but served it with this orange olive salad (so simple: oranges, olives, salt, pepper, olive oil). GREAT flavor combos here.

We're working our way through all the pork cuts and had the first of the bacon as an appetizer for Easter. Delicious. Really.

It's a wealth of riches here at the house. We're are appreciative of having of all these tasty things available to us. It's pretty special.

Have a great Wednesday! I think we'll have some chicks this weekend AND my sebastapol goose eggs are coming - so nervous!! Best - HP

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