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Porch Swing Farm Day - 3/5ish

Hey gang! Sorry for the radio silence for the past few days. Aaron's surgery went well and he's home with his pill buffet. 6-8 weeks of no bending or weight on the knee in question. It's going lots better than last time already. Fingers crossed!

Our big boar, He-Man, went to a new home today where his services were in need. With our young fellow Zeppelin figuring our his farm job, we were a little boar heavy.

This little one is He-Man's progeny. Her ears are supposed to be tipped forward but hers are distinctly batty.

Per my usual comment, they are growing soooo fast. All of these little weasels have been running around outside. Maybelline enjoyed the warm weather today and took her first mudbath of the season. It makes her look like some else's mother with how white her little ones are.

It's very possible that the little ones are testing Maybelline a little. Kids, I just need 5 minutes without you.

And Annie. Good heavens is she cute. She lays her big ears back and licks her pointy little snout, making her look like a kid trying to lick ice cream off her lip.

My very generous father came down and wired up the barn for us so that we have all sorts of new lights and power sources. He's a kind, smart guy, and I really appreciate his help. He is also a master pig mover. We may have hurt our shoulders patting ourselves on the back for our amazingly successful pig move.

The geese are scheduled to hatch this weekend. I don't want to jinx anything, but I do think I have an egg pip. I have no idea what to do with a gosling, but I'll figure it out! Everyone think good gosling thoughts!

Thanks to you all for sticking with us! Sometimes the farm days get the best of me, time wise, but I appreciate being able to share these days with you guys. Best - HP

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