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Porch Swing Farm Day 4/8

Hello folks! A beautiful sunny week here for the most part. The little rain shower in the middle of the week was intense but short lived and reactivated our mud enough for the Large Black pigs to be large brown pigs for now. They're enjoying it a lot.

I'm writing this on Friday morning, getting ready to head out and take care of the creatures. My sister Kendy is headed here this weekend with her daughter Mickey and we're looking forward to seeing the chicks hatch and running around willy nilly. Usually when Kendy comes, we work our faces off but, hopefully, we will take it a little easier this visit. Maybe we'll put together that greenhouse...

I'll get eggs ready for delivery this afternoon and we'l pick up another round of pork from the abattoir. We're also meeting with the nice folks at Arkitchen where we'll be able to create our own sausages. I'm very excited for Aaron to get going on what was the actual plan for the pork, many years in the making, creating really delicious sausages.

After the rain showers, there was a hazy, foggy sunset. The view from the end of the driveway.

As promised, Liz's piglets. Just 5 of these kids. Sometimes first timers have fewer piglets so we're hoping for more littles next time. But these are pretty cute!

Liz and Mary are sisters and the dad of these litters is the same fellow so they are both siblings and cousins, it seems.

Speaking of Mary's littles, I caught the little weasels at a nap. And it looks like one of the nomad hens (the ones that insist on escaping their fenced area) has snuck in a nest in this corner. Once the little guys find those eggs, they will not last long. Snacks!

Have a splendid weekend! We should have a few chicks this weekend and my first batch of Sebastapol eggs are coming in. I'm thinking of setting them under a broody hen I have and seeing how that goes. Most folks think that all eggs will hatch better under an animal versus in the incubator. I'm thinking that the eggs under our goose mom at the farm are not going to hatch - it's been a long time with her out there and no little ones. This hen is insistent on setting so we'll see. Best - HP

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