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Porch Swing Farm Day 4/11

Hello out there! Hope your weekend was super. A bright shiny one here. My sister Kendy and her family came for a lovely visit. Mickey, my niece, is an expert egg gatherer and is showing real promise as a chicken whisperer.

Lots of pork deliveries this weekend. Good stuff. If you've ever been concerned about where your meat came from and how it was raised, we can help.

Chicks this weekend! A great hatch. Some are still working on it but 18 hatchlings so far from 22 eggs - not bad! Lots of cheeping going on here in the home.

And the Buff Orpingtons are growing. They are the most chill of any chicks I've ever had. I have been hand feeding them snacks but I'm sure that's not it. Mickey had them perching on her finger and was professing her love for them. She could certainly do worse.

And Annie's been popping back up. These Large Black pigs are not her favorites but they are the sloppiest eaters so there are lots of bit and pieces for nibbling. She's growing and filling out though. Pretty little one.

I've received my first order of Sebastapol eggs and have ensconced them under some hems that volunteered for the job. We'll talk about geese more this week! Love to you all. Best - HP

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