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Porch Swing Farm Day 4/13

Hey ya'll. We had a woman who came and spoke to us in high school who used the contraction "you'ns". I'm guessing it was short for you ones. Just sounds wrong. But "ya'll" - just fine.

I have a hodgepodge of things to bring to you today. It's been a couple of beautiful days - in the 70's and 80's and sunny. Warm enough that the pigs have sought out the mud and look a terrible mess but seem pretty happy. Lots of mowing and weedeating. We use electric fencing to keep the piggles in their pastures - which is great - but the grass and pasture plants grow up into the wire, shorting out the fence. I moved Cixi, Cleo and Catherine to new pastures. Maybelline gets freed from her charges later this week and will move back in with the Large Black girls.

We ended up with 21 chicks from 24 eggs from the last hatch. Good looking little guys. Here's a perky little Black Copper Marans. Look at those little feathery feet!

Chicks come from eggs of course. Sometimes we get a giant egg and we know that will be a double yolked one. These won't hatch and won't fit into an egg carton (usually) so we enjoy most of them in the home here. The pale egg here is a normal sized egg. The darker is a mammoth. And 2 yolks!

And the pigs are due to be weaned any minute - as soon as I can get them to stay in a pen! They are quite devilish at this age-escaping and turning over the chicken's water, rutting up holes on the paths, etc.- basic ne'er do wells for certain. Here they are planning to steal my hose from me.

Like I said, a hodgepodge. Hope your day was also a grab bag of good stuff. Have a great rest of the week. Best - HP


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