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Porch Swing Farm Day 4/18

Hello from our Sunday here on the farm. A nice morning hike with the family. Bit of rain mid-afternoon here then sunny afterward. Lots of fence maintenance and bushhogging. Mindless accomplishment is the most satisfying kind of farmwork.

Lots of egg and pork deliveries on Saturday. Now that we have pork in stock, I'm using the odd bits for dog treats. If we deliver eggs or pork to your door and you have a canine companion, let me know and I'll tuck in some treats for your pal(s) this weekend. Free range pastured eggs - pastured pork liver - cornmeal. My angelic hounds have been following me around all day, very pleased with their samples.

Elizabeth's kids are out and about now and she found a lovely patch in the sun for their lunch feeding today.

I wash a lot of eggs here at the farm. Many eggs are clean, moving elegantly from chicken to nest to gathering basket to carton. Some, though, here during the muddy season, need a rinse off. And one dirty eggs gets another egg dirty and so on.

I was staring at the pile of eggs (we're getting about 100 eggs a day now) and thinking it was symbolic of my general MO on a project. Starting off neat and orderly and then somewhere in the middle, things get a little wonky, ending up with a disorderly pile. But still workable...mostly.

Have a great Monday and rest of the week. More fence maintenance here this week as well as getting the cuts of pork we'll have available starting Saturday posted on the website. Best - HP

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