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Porch Swing Farm Day 4/25

Happy Monday to you all. Anticipating a lovely, warm week here with a little rain. Lots of gardening, hopefully - planting all sorts of stuff for the pigs and chickens. Part of our master plan is to rotate the pigs around the property, reseeding the land behind them. We're learning on the hoof here - how long to leave the pigs, what to reseed with, how to reseed. But we're learning! We're seeding this spring with ryegrass and daikon radish and so far, so good.

I think it's going to be goose month. Happy Goose Month to you! We had 2 little guys hatch yesterday and they are still handing out in the incubator. They have another fellow gosling still working his way out. These are eggs from our farm geese and will go to a new house once we make sure they are healthy.

More goose pics to come this week!

Our first Sebastapols start thinking of hatching May 8 so cross ALL of your digits!

The adult geese are working hard running their farm. They have lots to do - baths to take, pig feed to pilfer, chickens to keep in line.

Here they are giving me a firm talking to about some perceived slight. My goose is still rudimentary but it seems to have something to do with the preferred grass varieties. Or they hate me. Not sure really.

Have a marvelous week! Get out and get some sun this week if you can! Best - HP

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