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Porch Swing Farm Day 5/10

OMG! Where has the week gone! I can't believe it's been a week since I wrote. There is some sort of time vacuum on the farm with it always seems like it's been two hours but really it's been 3 days. We've done lots of things since I blogged, surprise surprise. Some nice folks picked up their new piglets, we moved Maybelline's teenagers to a new pasture all their own and, of course, it has rained.

We had another great week at the LR River Market and are already looking forward to Saturday. Aaron has become a huge proponent of samples so come by and try some delicious stuff.

And we got barn kittens! Fiat and Alfa! Here they are exploring the pasture on a little field trip.

They could not be sweeter and were very brave on their outings. They will stay mostly in their kitty palace in the barn until they get a little bigger. And remove all the mice!!!!

We've been scooting the pigs around to fresh pastures, and they are really enjoying all the new snacks.

Looks like Maybelline has a chicken stalker. This is a smart bird because she's letting Maybelline do the heavy lifting with that strong snout of hers and then she's swooping in to get the bugs and worms that Maybelline misses. Not a bird brain.

Speaking of birds, the chickens got their first watermelon rinds of the year. Oh, the rapture.

Nothing better, according to 10 out of 10 chickens.

Now that school is out we're full-time farmers (Aaron is anyway - I have another couple weeks at Hendrix to finish everything up but no teaching) and we're going to start working through the very long to-do list on the farm - new fencing, moving shelters, kitten cuddling, etc.

Have a great week!! Best to you all! HP

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