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Porch Swing Farm Day 6/3

Whew! It has been a month! Time flies on the farm! We have piglets and goslings and the darling kittens - such a full crew! So - some updates!

Ma Rainey and Bertha both had litters of piglets. Ma had 11 and Bertha had 14!! Bertha lost one early on but the other 13 are pulling through. I'm bottle feeding 3 of the little ones so they can get caught up with their fatty brothers and sisters and the little guys graduated to a food dish today from the bottle. They are awfully cute. But they have sharp little teeth (look real close in the picture) and I've gotten chomped on a couple of times this week by the eager little weasels. I'm glad they're growing and glad that my fingers are no longer in their way!

And we didn't have a great hatch on our goose eggs but we did get darling Gustave (yellow) and her friend Squeaky (black and yellow). They are very angry at my overalls for some reason and are always trying to chew them up. Geese grown incredibly fast! They're still in their brooder with their warm light but we've been going on outings in the yard so they can get used to it. They have mowed down the clover and grass like little fuzzy vacuums.

All the pigs are in new, green pastures, courtesy of soooo much rain and the spring. They seem very pleased with the new salad bar. We rotate them around and it's been much easier now to choose the best section of pasture vs which one is the least brown. Happy pigs make me happy. This pretty girl is Cleopatra, one of Maybelline's girls.

We're moving most of the pastures to higher ground, now that we've realized the actual length of the wet season. We'll get that fence in starting next week and then the gang will have even more pasture and less mud.

We've been at the River Market in Little Rock on Saturdays and are now going to be at the market in Bernice Gardens on Sunday so swing by and see us!

Nice to be back to the blog! More updates to come! Like - how are the kittens??!! Spoiler alert, they're great and growing. More pics soon! Best - Holly

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