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Porch Swing Farm Days

Greetings folks! We've had a super busy summer and can't believe it's almost over. Lots of piglets, lots of markets, a fair amount of sweating! My dear friend Leanne Camps (@lleannecampsphotography) visited us and took some sweet photos of the menagerie. I'll share a few!

Beautiful images, right? She did an amazing job!

All is progressing nicely on enclosing our barn. Formerly a simple hay barn, we've added a cement floor, electricity, running water, new trusses and patches on the roof. We made it so nice that the chickens won't stay out! So we've build door frames and filled in with tin and are 2 doors away from an enclosed barn! Like the cool kids have!

We've been at the River Market, Bernice Garden and Hillcrest Farmer's Market all summer. We've made some great new relationships and seen lots of old friends. We'll keep at it through the fall and Hillcrest is open year round. Come by and talk to us about the farm!

Hope you are all well and getting back into the school groove! Stay safe! Best - Holly

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