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Porch Swing Farm Days 3/15

Hello my friends! I've missed you all and the farm! I'm back at it and eager to make some progress this week. More piglets on the way, some feeders ready for processing and I'm still dreaming of those cows. Aaron is healing up well and we're crossing all our fingers for his continued good progress. The goslings are growing fast and will soon be off to a new home, a pond of their own.

Today could not have been prettier. It rained a lot last night, giving the piggles new mud to process. The grass and other greens are popping up and the big pigs are tickled to have salad again.

And Maybelline has the piglets out in the pasture, enjoying the sunshine. They are nuts, chasing the chickens and zooming all over the pen. I caught them while snacking today.

I could live with every day being like today. Really lovely.

Hope your day was great too. Thanks for having me back! Best - HP

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